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I offer birth chart readings for adults and children, astrological consultation readings, relationship readings and organizational/group readings.

Readings are one hour and take place over the phone. I record the reading with your permission for you to access after the call via an MP3, as it is a lot of information to process at once.

I charge a sliding scale fee of $75-$150 and ask people to pay whatever they are able to based on their budget- no need to explain or justify. If you're able to pay more, that allows me to keep my readings as affordable as possible. I accept payment via Venmo @Ali-brooks-4. If you don't have Venmo, contact me for alternative payment options.

Contact me below to schedule or with any questions!


Birth Chart Readings

"ali is a gift. i'm so grateful for her way of integrating astrology and therapy together. her guidance comes through so beautifully, intuitively, and timely. as ali shares, her passion, care, and expertise is felt through each call and beyond. thank you, Ali."

"Ali's reading of my astrological chart was clear, informational and easy to understand. I appreciated the way she would pause to allow time to reflect and ask any questions throughout the session. In addition, the recording she gave me in order to listen to the session again at a later time was super helpful. I highly recommend Ali and I look forward to meeting with her again soon!"

Astrology Class

"I came into the first class intimidated by astrology. So many moving parts and I wasn't even solid on the foundations. This class gave me helpful insights in astrology and my personal birthchart. The way Ali taught the class was super engaging and I felt confident adding the new pieces we learned each week to the previous lesson! I highly recommend this course if you are curious about astrology, or even trying to understand yourself better." TSB

"Ali is an intuitive and compassionate chart reader. She shares her knowledge willingly and pledges to explore the questions she doesn't yet have the answers to. This class is great for anyone who has an interest, but little to no foundation in astrology, or even for someone like myself who knows a lot about the elements, the astrological signs, and the planets, but doesn't yet know about how they interact and the finer details of aspects and placements. I really felt like I left class with a better understanding of all of the components of the natal chart!"

"I loved this Astrology class. Ali was very approachable and genuine in her love for sharing her experiences and research around astrology. It was fun to focus on my own birth chart as a reference and connect what we were learning. This class intrigued me to learn more about the rhythm of the planets in the universe and how they align with our own rhythms as people moving in the world day to day."

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