Astrology has been greatly watered down in popular culture and reduced to sun sign horoscopes. It is a very complex field of study based on the empirical observations of the cycles of celestial bodies and their correlation with human events and archetypal astrology. I have been studying astrology since 2006 and have been doing readings since 2012.

Exploring the birth chart can give us a glimpse into our greatest strengths and challenges as well as how the current astrological transits effect our life's unfolding.

Readings take place over the phone and are recorded with your permission for you to access after the call via an MP3 recording.

Illustrated birth charts are available for an additional $40.

Contact me below to schedule.


Birth Chart Reading 



Children's Birth chart Reading



Relationship Reading (two people's charts)



Group Reading (several people's charts- organization,

family, business, cooperative community)  

Ali Brooks, LCSW

103 Ski Ct.

Madison, WI 53713



Tel: 608-345-0545

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