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Body Freedom Project

A collaborative effort to

inspire people to live Free in their bodies

for the sake of Collective Liberation.


 The 8-Week Body Freedom Healing Group: Facing Harmful Eating Patterns and Body Image is a safe space for people seeking to heal their relationship with their body.


This space will address internalized body shame that shows up as binge eating, binging and purging, restricting or obsessive dieting, abusing laxatives, feeling ugly or undesirable, or other non-eating related behaviors such as critiquing your body and weighing yourself.


This healing group will support participants in building resilience, self-love, and confidence by creating a container to address the root causes of harmful eating patterns and self-hate.


The Body Freedom Healing Group is designed to spark transformation that allows you to live the life you desire. 


Alix Shabazz is a Body Freedom Practitioner, organizer, student, teacher-facilitator, healer, transformative justice practitioner, Liberatorologist (person who studies Liberation Science or the science of getting Free), maker and owner of CocoaBean Healing and CocoaBean Skincare


Ali Brooks is clinical therapist specializing in trauma, a visual artist and PhD student studying Community, Liberation, Indigenous and Eco-psychology.


Price is $500 for the 8-week program, or 8 weekly payments of $75. Please contact us if you need financial support for participating in this program. Email us at and we are happy to discuss options.


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Winter Joy Boxes
Winter Joy Boxes
by Sweet Water Liberation Lab
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