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Astrology, healing, and liberation

By exploring your astrological birth chart, you have access to precise information about your unique elemental makeup and your unique and sacred magic.

I truly believe that we all hold a sacred piece of the puzzle and it is up to us to make the most of the hands we have been dealt in order to actualize our full potential as individuals and as humanity.

Exploring your astrological birth chart gives us a crystal clear window into the aspects of yourself that are in harmony with each other and the aspects of yourself that are at war with each other- and suggests the pathway to integrating your psyche.

Astrology also illuminates our purpose on a personal level and our personal contribution to the cosmos, which gives us the clarity we need to align our energy with our highest purpose and soul direction.

I have found astrology to be an unparalleled tool for making your life a celebration. A celebration of your existence and the universe's unique expression through you.

I offer birth chart readings for $150 which includes an mp3 recording as well as an original illustration of your chart! Send me a message using the contact section on the bottom of my site to schedule, or you can use my secure online booking system under the therapy tab of y website.


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