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Water Magic

Water is fem power. water cleanses, nourishes, ebbs, flows, uplifts, adapts, reflects, moves, pulls everything along with its soft strength and slipeery face.

the element of water teaches us the magic and wisdom of flowing with energy rather than resisting it, gracefully easing into whatever container it's in and washing away what's no longer needed. Water is the primordial element- it's the substance that held us in the womb and yielded our entry. Cancer, scorpio, and pisces are the three aspects of teh water element. Cancer is cardinal water- like th fresh spring or the young river- marking the beginning of a new stream of flow.

Scorpio is fixed water- the depths and all of the powerful secrets that lie under the water's surface. Pisces is mutable water- the mist that spreads out covering everything with its dissipating mystical mystery.

Water is associated with the 4th, 8th, and 12th house in astrological study.

The 4th house is the mother, home and our roots. The 8th house is the hidden realms, power, death, transformation and collaborative partnerships.

The 12th house represents the collective unconscious, karma and the unseen.

Water is here to teach us about fluidity, grace and feminine power. Notice the water in your life- where is it flowing and where is it stuck? Where is there dryness and where is there flooding? Do you know how to swim with the current and stay afloat?


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