Moving through sadness

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

It's okay to be sad sometimes.

Our culture is terrified of sadness. It is an unwelcome guest. people will try to make you smile while you're sad. As if they're going to catch a bug if they sit with you in your sadness. All this avoiding and suppressing makes us depressed. It weighs down our system. If we don't have healthy outlets for our sadness, if we don't make spaces in our lives where our sadness is invited to exit, then our sadness becomes toxic and cancerous.

There is nothing wrong with sadness. It is just one of the waves we experience. Fearing, avoiding, and escaping our feelings, including sadness, is what keeps our system weighed down.

While letting your heartbreak or your tears flow can be painful, if we welcome our sadness and give ourselves to it- if we learn how to ride it's wave- the pain softens.

It moves through us. It moves us to a different space where different perspectives and insights become available to us.